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2018 SD Legislation

South Dakota Legislative Session 2018
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HB 00 2018 Legislative Preview Week 9 was the final week of the regular legislative session and Veto Day is March 26. The final week was hectic and the budget was adopted with the following: .7% one time money for education in this year and 1% for next year; 1.2% for state employees; and 1.5% average increase for providers with the range from .5% to 2% depending on the category they are in. All in all ABATE had a good session and thank you for all your help in talking with legislators and testifying before the committees.
SB 41 Snowmobiles Revises certain provisions regarding the registration of snowmobiles - registrations will occur April, October, and December.Passed committee 6-0 and passed Senate 35-0. Passed committee and passed House 66-0. Gov signed
SB 62 Data Breach Bill is an AG bill that provides for the notification related to a breach of certain data and to provide a penalty. Passed Senate 30-2 with three amendments. Passed committee in House 13-0, passed House 64-0 with an amendment. Senate failed to concur and conference committee was appointed. Conference Committee report adopted by both bodies.
SJR1 Campaign Reform SJR1 and Senate Bills 7-13 deal with campaign finance reform and initiative/constitutional ballot issues revision. These bills came from a workgroup this summer.
HB 1001-1007 Campaign reform HB 1001-1007 are bills that deal with campaign finance reform and initiative/constitutional ballot issue reform. Bills came from a summer study workgroup. Most of these have passed committee; HB 1007 was killed
HB 1012 Political Party Status Bill is from State Board of Elections and revises the political party status - establishes criteria of last two previous general election cycles. Passed committee, passed House 68-0. Passed Senate committee 6-0 and passed Senate 33-0.
SB 23 Drivers license documentation Bill reduces the driver license renewal requirements regarding the submittal of documentation of social security numbers and updates references to federal regs. Passed committee 5-0 and passed Senate 35-0. Bill was re-referred to House Judiciary Committee. Bill passed House committee 10-1 and passed House 54-10. Gov signed.
HB 1083 Gun Bill If you are interested, I am only listing the numbers of the gun bills and you will have to look at them individually.
HB 1101 Used motorcycles sales Bill deals with the sale of used motorcycles at events - if they are franchised in the state they must be 2 years old and 2500 miles on the odometer. Fee for the permit is $250 and it is for 15 days - this is to deal with the Sturgis Rally issue. Passed House 64-0. passed Sen committee and passed Senate 34-0. Gov signed.
SB 73 Display of vehicles Bill deals with leasing of space in a shopping mall to display vehicles - does not include motorcycles as motorcycles are in a different section of law and their is a liability issue. Passed committee and passed Senate 34-0. Passed House committee 11-0, passed House 64-1 with an amendment. Senate concurred with the amendment. Gov signed.
SB 97 License plates Bill authorizes plates for women veterans. Passed committee 4-0, passed Senate 33-0. Passed House committee 8-2 and passed House 53-14
HB 1111 Definition of street gangs This bill has definitions regarding street gang activity and is very broad. We need to oppose bill until it clarifies the definitions and eliminates some of them. This could end up causing some problems for ABATE members. We support eliminating street gang activity but not affecting law abiding citizens inadvertently. Bill was amended to take out most misdemeanors and living in residential area. Then passed committee 8-3 and passed the House 42-22. We still have concerns about this bill and will work to defeat it in the Senate. Bill was killed in Senate Judiciary committee by sending it to the 41st day - 5-2.
HB 1116 Specialty plates on cars This bill changes the mileage a specialty car can drive with specialty plate from 6000 miles to 7500 miles. Committee increased miles to 9000 and this could put bill in jeopardy as a deal was agreed to move the mileage to 7500 miles.Bill passed House 68-0 without changing it back to 7500. Hearing in Senate and bill was amended back to 7500 and then passed committee 5-0.Bill then passed Senate 32-2 and House concurred with the amendment. Now on Gov's desk
HB 1195 Refund of license fees This bills provides for refund for license plates if an error in payment occurs. Currently if you overpay for plates you get your money back, but not if you are in error on the amount. Bill passed committee 11-2, passed House 68-0 with amendment. Passed committee and passed Senate 29-0. Gov Signed
HB 1209 Gun Bill Check it if you are interested
HB 1230 Texting bill Bill makes texting while driving a primary offense rather than secondary offense. Bill passed committee 11-2.Was amended to be a primary offense with a misdemeanor penalty. Then passed the House 40-26. Bill was killed in Senate committee - 41st day - 5-2
HB 1236 Car titles Bill deals with acquisition of car titles by auction agencies. Bill was amended and passed House 67-0. Bill passed Senate committee 7-0, Senate passed 34-0. Gov signed.
SB 104 Gun Bill Check if you are interested
SB 114 Abandoned vehicles Bill revises provisions regarding removal and storage of abandoned vehicles. Bill passed Senate 34-0.Bill passed House committee 12-0 and passed House 65-0. Gov signed.
SB 137 Hunting age Revises the minimum hunting age - bill passed committee 9-0, passed Senate 30-4.Bill passed committee 10-0, passed Senate 44-20.
SB 146 Off road vehicles This bill exempts off road vehicles from certain special event permit fees.Bill passed committee 4-0, bill passed Senate 34-0. Passed House committee 10-0, passed House 54-13 with an amendment. Senate concurred with amendment.
SB 154 Motor vehicle titles Deals with transfer of motor vehicle titles to satisfy unpaid car bills. Bill passed committee 6-0, passed Senate 34-0.Bill passed House committee 11-0 and passed House 64-0. Gov signed.
SB 175 Gun Bill Check if you are interested
HB 1270 Time for headlights Bill deals with time of use for front and and rear lights. Bill passed committee and passed House 44-19.Passed Senate committee 4-0, passed Senate with an amendment 34-0 and House concurred with the amendment 54-9.
HB 1299 Gun Bill Check if you are interested
HB 1307 General Budget bill This is the budget bill we will be dealing with at the end of session to fund everything. This bill was tabled and new budget bill is HB 1320 and passed both houses.