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South Dakota Legislative Session 2017
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HB 00 2017 Session Update SB 79 - our vertical plate bill passed the committee 7-0 and then passed the Senate 34-0 with one excused. Thanks to Sen. Haverly for the great job in presenting the bill and thanks to Jiggs for coming in and testifying and also Myron Rau of the Auto and Trucker Dealers. Now we are off to the House. We need to be working the House members because I heard that DPS is thinking of amending the bill to require new plates be printed vertically and this will cost money and could jeopardize the bill. We need to keep the bill the way it is and just go to work. OUR BILL SB 79 IS UP FOR HEARING IN HOUSE TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21 SO CALL YOUR HOUSE TRANS COMMITTEE MEMBERS AND HOUSE MEMBERS TO SUPPORT. Rep. Dan Kaiser is the chief sponsor in the House. Crossover day is Wednesday of this week so all bills must be through the house of origin. Revenue projections were given this week and worse than we thought they would be so the Appropriations Committee will have their work cut out for them looking for money to backfill the 2017 budget and designing the 2018 budget. We are off on Monday.
SB 23 Revising authority of Transportation Commission to issue loans This bill revises the authority of the Trans. Commission to make loans from the state highway fund to local gov'ts for highway and bridge construction and maintenance. Rules will be promulgated. Bill passed committee, passed Senate 32-1
SB 40 Drivers license suspension period Revises the start date of driver license suspension, revocation, and disqualification periods. The date depends on when ordered by the court and is the earlier date. Bill passed Senate 33-0
SB 41 Drivers License Reinstatement Revises certain electronic driver license reinstatement requirements. Bill passed Senate 33-0
SB 42 Requesting copy of driver record Revises certain provisions regarding persons requesting an abstract of their own driver operating record. The 3 year limit does not apply to any person requesting their own record. Bill passed Senate 35-0.
SB 53 Establishing an ethics commission Bill is from the Secretary of State creating a campaign finance ethics commission and to establish certain powers and procedures for this commission under the chair of the Secretary of State. Bill was tabled in committee 7-1
SB 54 Campaign Finance Requirements Bill is from the Secretary of State's office to revise certain provisions regarding campaign finance requirements. We need to read this closely as it is a lengthy bill. Bill was amended and is still in committee
SB 58 Removing snow from certain state highways This bill deals with responsibility of removing snow from certain state highways. Was amended to not include sidewalks for clearing and then bill passed committee 4-2. On Senate floor.
HB 1027 Licensing of off road vehicles Bill allows two-wheeled off-road vehicles that meet certain requirements to be registered and licensed. We will watch this bill as to how they are licensed. Bill passed committee 12-0, passed House 69-0, passed Senate 32-0.
HB 1029 Update to federal motor carrier regs Bill provides for update to federal motor carrier regulations. Bill passed committee, passed House 64-3 and passed Senate 24-7.
HB 1030 Implement certain federal requirements on vehicles Bill implements certain vehicle size and weight provisions required by federal law. Bill was amended and passed committee 12-0, passed House 63-5, passed Senate 32-0
HB 1035 Revising procedures for petitions Bill is from state board of elections to revise and provide certain procedures for filing, certifying, and challenging petitions. Bill passed committee 11-0, passed House 57-0.
HB 1055 Licensing/permitting certain vehicles This bill attempts to deal with the new type of cars that have 3 wheels and is enclosed and operate as an automobile. We are working with Rep. Kaiser on some amendments. This is designed to be for cars of the future. Amended in committee to require steering wheel and pedals. Passed Committee 12-0, passed House 67-0. Passed Senate 33-0
HB 1056 Law Enforcement issuing tickets The bill allows law enforcement to issue certain citations not signed under oath. This applies to particularly traffic tickets. Bill passed committee 12-1, passed House 68-0. Hearing in Senate on 2/21.
HB 1066 Revises licensing requirements for special events This bill deals with revising provisions on exemption from licensing requirements for motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers, franchisors who display vehicles not for sale. This exemption would be for 15 days for special events of 25,000 visitors. It is designed to be used at the Sturgis Rally. It was hoghoused to fit the current permit procedure and increased to 15 days. Then passed committee, passed House 68-0 and passed Senate 34-0.
HB 1069 Repeal/Revise IM 22 campaign finance This is the bill to deal with repealing and revising IM 22 campaign finance reform. It has an emergency clause and I am in the process of reading all the changes. Bill passed House 54-13, passed Senate Committee 7-2 and passed Senate 27-8. Governor signed.
SB 59 Effective dates of initiated measures This bill deals with changing the effective date of constitutional amendments, initiated measures, and referred laws to July 1 after they pass This is a change from current law that states they become effective upon passage and the vote canvass. It gives time to correct any problems. Passed committee, passed Senate 28-7, passed House committee
SB 69 Revise tax on new car This bill revises the tax paid on new car to the actual price. Bill passed committee, passed Senate 35-0. Bill passed House committee 14-0
SB 79 Vertical plates on motorcycles This is the ABATE bill for allowing license plates to be mounted in any way except upside down - our vertical plate option. Call your legislators to support. Bill passed committee 7-0 and then passed Senate 34-0. We are up for a hearing in House Trans Committee on Tuesday 2/21 so call the House Trans Committee members to support.
SB 73 Tribal Veteran Plate This bill provides a special tribal license plate for certain cars. Bill passed Senate 34-0. Hearing on 2/21.
SB 80 Regulate use of drones Bill regulate the use of drones under certain conditions and to provide a penalty. Bill was amended in committee and then passed 5-1 and then bill was amended on Senate floor and passed 26-9.
SB 94 Gun Bill Repeal and revise certain provisions relating to the requirements for a permit to carry a concealed pistol. 2/21 hearing in committee
SB 97 Car titles Bill revise certain provisions concerning the transfer of car titles to satisfy unpaid car repair bills.Bill passed committee 7-0, passed Senate 33-0.
SB 118 License plates Bill allows for special motor vehicle license plates depicting the Dignity sculpture. Passed Senate 35-0.Hearing in House on 2/21
HB 1072 Gun bill Repeal/revise certain provisions relating to permits to carry a concealed pistol. Bill was amended in committee and passed 7-6.
HB 1073 IM 22 issue Revise/repeal certain provisions regarding gifts from registered lobbyists to public officials. Bill was amended 6 times and then passed committee 13-0. Bill passed House 66-0.
HB 1074 IM 22 issue Provides for limits on certain out-of-state contributions to ballot question committees.Bill was amended in committee and then passed 9-4.
HB 1082 Immunity from arrest This bill grants limited immunity from arrest and prosecution for certain related offenses to persons who assist certain persons in need of emergency assistance or who are themselves in need of emergency assistance. This bill in the past has predominantly applied to college students. Hearing on 2/21
HB 1091 Gun bill Modifies certain provisions relating to concealed carry permits. Amended and then passed committee 13-0, passed House 66-1.Bill passed Senate committee 6-0 and is on the consent calendar.
HB 1124 Commercial drivers license Exempts a person with a commercial driver license from the requirement to have a hazardous materials endorsement on the license under certain conditions. Bill passed House 64-0
HB 1126 Car lights This bill adjusts the period of time requiring the use of lighted front and rear lamps on cars. Bill was killed in committee
HB 1129 Information on drivers license Limits the information obtained during an application for a driver license or nondriver identification card that is contained in a database. Bill was sent to 41st day so is dead - 7-6.
SB 144 Gun bill This is another gun bill for those that are interested to check out. Bill was amended and deals with service personnel carrying weapons - passed committee 4-3.
SB 175 General Bill This is the general funding bill for the state and will be dealt with at the end when the budget is decided.
HB 1141 Initiative Task Force The bill deals with a task force for initiatives and referendums. Bill was amended and passed committee 10-1
HB 1144 Commercial drivers license Bill deals with changes to commercial drivers license if you refuse chemical analysis. Bill passed committee and passed House 61-4.
HB 1153 Signatures on petitions Bill deals with signatures on initiatives and petitions. Bill was killed in committee
HB 1156 Gun bill Another gun bill if you are interested. Bill was amended and passed House 46-20.
HB 1174 Lights on vehicles and trailers Bill deals with stop lamps on vehicles and trailers. Bill passed House 64-0.
HB 1186 Alcohol in vehicles Bill deals with consumption of alcohol by passengers in vehicles operated by carriers. Hearing on 2/21.
HB 1194 Gun Bill Another gun bill if you are interested. Bill was withdrawn by sponsor.
HB 1199 Video Lottery This bill repeals the video lottery. Hearing on 2/21
HB 1211 Gun Bill Another gun bill if you are interested dealing with expired permits. Bill passed committee 13-0.