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2018 SD Legislation

South Dakota Legislative Session 2018
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HB 00 2018 Legislative Preview Week two of the 93rd Legislative Session is complete and work is beginning in earnest. Appropriations Committee is looking for money as revenues are down. Other committees are working on the dept./agency bills. ABATE Legislative Days were a big success and a lot of fun. You definitely need to make arrangements to attend next year if you didn't attend this year. Great opportunity to visit with your local legislators and other chapters.
SB 14 Motor Vehicle Fees Distribution Bill revises certain references to the special highway fund regarding motor vehicle license fees distribution. This states how the fees will be available to the counties from the special highway fund.Passed committee 5-0 and passed Senate 35-0.
SB 21 Updating motor carrier regulations Bill simply updates the motor carrier regulations to 2018 to comply with federal regulations.Passed committee 6-1 and passed Senate 29-6
SB 22 Commercial Drivers License Bill allows commercial driver license applicants three attempts to pass the commercial driver license exam. Passed committee and passed Senate 35-0
SB 41 Snowmobiles Revises certain provisions regarding the registration of snowmobiles - registrations will occur April, October, and December.Passed committee 6-0 and passed Senate 35-0
SB 62 Data Breach Bill is an AG bill that provides for the notification related to a breach of certain data and to provide a penalty.Hearing on 1/23.
SJR1 Campaign Reform SJR1 and Senate Bills 7-13 deal with campaign finance reform and initiative/constitutional ballot issues revision. These bills came from a workgroup this summer.
HB 1001-1007 Campaign reform HB 1001-1007 are bills that deal with campaign finance reform and initiative/constitutional ballot issue reform. Bills came from a summer study workgroup. Most of these have passed committee; HB 1007 was killed
HB 1012 Political Party Status Bill is from State Board of Elections and revises the political party status - establishes criteria of last two previous general election cycles. Hearing on 1/22
HB 1066 Vehicle license plates and stickers Bill deals with who can issue vehicle license plates and stickers - county treasurer and state department of revenue. Hearing on 1/23
HB 1069 Commercial Motor Vehicles Bill establishes an unladen motor vehicle permit for certain proportionally registered commercial motor vehicles. Passed committee and passed House 66-3
SB 23 Drivers license documentation Bill reduces the driver license renewal requirements regarding the submittal of documentation of social security numbers and updates references to federal regs. Passed committee 5-0 and passed Senate 35-0
HB 1014 Commercial Vehicles Revises certain provisions regarding the application of the intrastate exemption for certain commercial vehicles from the federal motor carrier regulations. Exemption is for three axles to two axles.Passed committee and passed House.
HB 1008 Speed Limits Bill authorizes the secretary of transportation to provide for temporary variable speed limits on state highways in the interests of highway safety due to varying weather, road work, and other conditions. Also applies to interstate highway system. Hearing on 1/23
HB 1068 Collection of motor fuel Revises certain provisions regarding the collection of motor fuel tax from the interstate fuel users. Passed committee and passed House 67-2
HB 1080 Special emblems on plates Bill adds voluteers and donors to the people eligible to get stickers for their licenses plates. Hearing is 1/23
HB 1083 Gun Bill If you are interested, I am only listing the numbers of the gun bills and you will have to look at them individually.
HB 1088 Consignment of vehicles This bill revises the consignment sales requirement for boats from bordering states.Before the boat can be sold, you must have clear title.
HB 1101 Used motorcycles sales Bill deals with the sale of used motorcycles at events - if they are franchised in the state they must be 2 years old and 2500 miles on the odometer. Fee for the permit is $250 and it is for 15 days - this is to deal with the Sturgis Rally issue
HB 1108 Personal information of car records This bill deals with disclosure of personal information on vehicle records
SB 72 Historical plates Bill deals with historical plates on pickups, cars, tractors, etc - was amended in committee to have a weight restriction and then passed committee
SB 73 Display of vehicles Bill deals with leasing of space in a shopping mall to display vehicles - does not include motorcycles as motorcycles are in a different section of law and their is a liability issue. Passed committee and passed Senate 34-0
SB 87 Gun Bill Check if you are interested
SB 97 License plates Bill authorizes plates for women veterans