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2016 SD Legislation

South Dakota Legislative Session 2016
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SB 2 Revising distribution of money in alcoholic beverage fund This bill proposes to change the distribution of the money collection from alcohol. Currently it is divided among the cities and state. The bill was amended in committee to 50% for state, 25% to cities and 25% to counties. Passed Senate 28-5.Passed House committee
SB 19 Elderly/Abuse Reporting Bill requires any person who knows or has reason to suspect that an elderly/disabled adult person is being abused or neglected shall report to the states attorney in that county. Bill then lists the categories of reporters. Bill passed Senate 34-0. Now goes to the House
SB 33 Driver licenses for persons under 21 Bill revises certain provisions regarding chemical testing and revocations of driver licenses for person under the age of 21. Bill passed on consent calendar - 34-0
SB 34 Commercial drivers testing Revise certain provisions regarding the chemical testing of commercial drivers. passed Senate 28-5.
HB 1002,1003,1004,1005, 1006 County Summer Study Bills The bills listed are all dealing with changes to the county fees and functions. Bills come from the summer study. HB 1006 authorizes the counties to impose a sales and use tax. HB 1006 was killed in committee. The rest of the bills have been amended somewhat and are passing the House.
HB 1037 Changes to petitions, initiated measures This bill revises certain provisions concerning petitions for initiated constitutional amendments, initiated measures, and candidates. Bill passed House.
SB 25 Forfeiture of property Bill revises certain provisions concerning the forfeiture of property interests of person convicted of certain crimes - passed committee, passed Senate 32-0.
SB 42 Martial Arts Increases certain fees for boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts competitions. Bill was amended and passed Senate 24-7.
SB 44 Vehicular homicide Bill classifies vehicular homicide as a crime of violence- Senate Judiciary
SB 66 Special license plates This bill permits the issuance of special plates to parents of disabled kids. Bill is in Senate Trans Committee
HB 1054 Industrial Hemp Bill authorizes the production and sale of industrial hemp. Passed House with an amendment 57-11.
HB 1056 Veterans Employment Revises certain provisions relating to the veterans preference in employment - amended to clarify that veterans if qualified will be given an interview for a position. Passed House 68-0, passed Senate committee and is on Senate floor.
HB 1068 SD Nonprofit Corporation Bill This bill adopts model language on Non-profits Corporations. It changes the current law and has some problems in that non-profits will have to change bylaws, articles of incorporation, and update sections. Bill was hog housed with same bill but numerous language changes- allows current non profits to stay under current law. Bill is 175 pages if you wish to read it. Bill is still in committee and amendments are being worked on to simply current non-profit bill and also allow non-profits to use technology.
HB 1077 & HB 1078 Good Samaritan Bills These bills are granting limited immunity from arrest and prosecution for certain offenses to college students who assist certain persons in need of emergency assistance - deals with alcohol/drug issues. HB 1077 was amended and now deals also with distribution so this needs to be fixed. Bill passed 59-6 and will be fixed in the Senate. HB 1078 deals with alcohol immunity if you help someone and passed House 64-1.
HB 1085 DWI - 3rd offense Provide for the forfeiture of any vehicle used y a person convicted of a third offense for DWI.Killed in committee.
HB 1083 Off-road vehicles Changes the taxation method used in the sale of certain off-road vehicles and requires the sale of these vehicles be by licensed vehicle dealers.
SB 71 Hunting This bill deals with small game and fishing licenses for non residents - passed Senate
SB 77 Gun bill This bill removes prohibition on guns in the capitol
SB 85 ABATE One license plate This is our bill to clean up the statute requiring two plates on motorcycles to one plate. Bill was amended with some clarifying language and then passed 7-0. Will be on Senate floor on Tuesday. Bill would have been on consent calendar but one Senator wanted to hear Sen. Haverly speak on the bill on the Senate floor. Call Senators to support. Thanks to Jiggs for attending and he got to answer some questions on license placement as the committee had time on their hands.
SB 89 Gun bill Revises provisions related to permits to carry a concealed pistol. Relates to civil rights restored do to completing a sentence or receiving a pardon. Does not apply if domestic violence was involved.
SB 94 Death Penalty This bill repeals the death penalty.
SB 107 Hunting Bill Clarifies hunting safety zone restrictions.2/9 hearing scheduled
SB 109 Overweight vehicle checks Bill requires counties to conduct random checkpoints for overweight vehicles as a condition of receiving funds from the bridge grant fund.
SB 110 Fuel taxes Bill increases certain fuel taxes on various fuels.
SB 111 Wheel tax This bill clarifies the application of the wheel tax.
SB 113 Bicycle bill Bill clarifies operation of a bicycle on a roadway.
SB122 License fees This bill asks that military license fees for plates go to county veteran officers.
HB 1091 UBER bill Bill allows UBER to operate in the state. Has insurance requirements.Bill was amended to take out some people from the definitions and then bill passed committee 12-0 and will be on House floor on Tuesday.
HB 1092 Liquor bill Allows for local permits for the sale and consumption of alcohol beverage on certain property abutting the licensed establishment.Passed House 48-20.
HB 1095 Tranfer title Bill changes the number of days allowed to transfer a title from 30 days to 45 days.Passed House 68-0
HB 1098 Exemption for cars from tax This bill revises certain provisions regarding the exemption of cars from the motor vehicle excise tax.Passed House 56-9
HB 1113 Car transfer Provides for the transfer of a car to a nonprofit organization in certain cases - passed House 68-0
HB 1116 City sales tax Bill allows cities to impose an additional sales tax for a limited time for specific purpose.
HB 1121 Regulation of vehicle dealers Bill revises provisions for regulation of vehicle dealers for classic cars over 20 years old.
HB 1125 Gun bill Repeals statute that conflicts with federal law
HB 1129 Gun bill Bill allows guns to be carried in capitol and courthouses if you have concealed permit. Passed committee 7-6
HB 1137 Fee bill on noncommercial gross weight vehicles Bill revises distribution of registration fees from noncommercial gross weight vehicles
HB 1138 Gun bill Bill creates an enhanced permit to carry a concealed pistol
HB 1142 Gun bill Allows people to have guns and ammunition in locked cars in parking lots and in their trunk.
HB 1164 One plate on cars Bill allows one plate on certain vehicles.
SB 131,132,133 Governor's Education Package These 3 bills deal with the Governor's Education formula changes and sharing of services.
SB 135 Overwidth vehicles Allows overwidth farm equipment to be operated on primary highways after sunset under certain conditions
SB 142 Mental Health Info Bill allows certain disclosure of mental health information to law enforcement
SB 144 Weight limits Bill revises the legal maximum weight limits based on the number of axles for gross vehicle weight.
SB 151 Education bill Democrat proposal to increase funding for education and lower tax on food
SB 153 Drug testing Provide drug testing certain TANF applicants - bill was already killed in the House
SB 154 Fleeing from law Bill provides a penalty for fleeing from a law enforcement officer
SB 156 UBER bill This is another UBER bill that deals with regulation, insurance, etc.
SB 161 Food tax removal Bill lowers the sales tax on certain food and increases other sales tax on goods and services to cover the cost
SB 167 Marijuana Bill Permits the compassionate use of medical cannabis
SB 169 Child Pornography Bill revises provisions related to child pornography and sets penalties
SB 00 Session Update This past week SB 85 - ABATE bill on one plate was heard in committee and passed with a minor language amendment unanimously. Will be on Senate floor on Tuesday. A lot of bills came in this week and we are now done with filing of bills - a lot of placeholder bills to be used at the end of session. We are at about 420 bills to deal with. Next week will be very busy with committee hearings and floor action. Have a good week!
HB 1167 Suspended imposition of sentence Bill revises certain provisions regarding the use of a suspended imposition of sentence for a misdemeanor and a felony.
HB 1182 Sales tax increase This is the Governor's proposed 1/2 cent increase in sales tax to increase teacher salaries and fund schools. Up for hearing in House Appropriations Committee on Monday.
HB 1184 Transportation Committee This creates a transportation oversight committee - we already have a Transportation Commission.
HB 1190 Gun bill Enhances customer convenience in gun transactions - gold card
HB 1192 & 1193 Employment bills Bills deal with prohibiting certain inquiries during an employment application process about an applicant's criminal history with a penalty for asking
HB 1199 Fishing license Bill revises certain provisions regarding the minimum age to get a hunting and fishing license
HB 1200 Hunting bill Deals with providing an earlier archery deer hunting season
HB 1206 Hunting bill Bill authorize the use of handguns in the hunting of game birds
HB 1227 Accountability Committee Bill establishes the South Dakota Government Accountability Committee
HB 1230 Animal drawn vehicles Bill applies certain provisions regarding the operation of vehicles on highways to animal drawn vehicles
HB 1231 Gun bill Authorizes motor carrier inspectors to carry firearms
HB 1233 Daylight saving time Exempt the state from daylight saving time - bill was already killed in Senate
HB 1234 Medicaid Bill requires approval of legislature before state can adopt any changes to Medicaid program
HB 1243 Pornography Prohibits the unauthorized sharing of certain private images on the internet