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2017 SD Legislation

South Dakota Legislative Session 2017
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HB 00 2017 Session Preview The session is off to a slow start with all the new legislators and leadership getting organized. There are 16 Democrats and 89 Republicans in the legislature. Most of the bills introduced are summer study bills or department bills. Committee meetings will get going this week. I am circulating our bill on vertical plates and the chief sponsors are Sen. Terri Haverly in the Senate and Rep. Dan Kaiser in the House. Thusfar, I have 10 sponsors in the Senate and 6 in the House but I am just getting started. ABATE Days are January 19 and 20 in Pierre with the legislative social on Thursday, January 19. January 20 ABATE will be serving breakfast at the Capitol, meeting with legislators, and attending committee meetings. There will be sessions in the afternoon and banquet at night. Board meeting on January 21. The main topics at this years legislative session will be the budget, campaign finance reform, ethics commission as a result of IM 22 passing and then being put on hold by the courts. Please check the various committees at the LRC website to see which of your legislators are assigned to what committees. Make plans to attend ABATE Days so you can visit with your legislators about supporting our bill. See you at ABATE Days!
SB 23 Revising authority of Transportation Commission to issue loans This bill revises the authority of the Trans. Commission to make loans from the state highway fund to local gov'ts for highway and bridge construction and maintenance. Rules will be promulgated.
SB 39 ID numbers on certain trailers Allows owners to affix vehicle identification numbers on certain trailers. It depends on weight.
SB 40 Drivers license suspension period Revises the start date of driver license suspension, revocation, and disqualification periods. The date depends on when ordered by the court and is the earlier date.
SB 41 Drivers License Reinstatement Revises certain electronic driver license reinstatement requirements.
SB 42 Requesting copy of driver record Revises certain provisions regarding persons requesting an abstract of their own driver operating record. The 3 year limit does not apply to any person requesting their own record.
SB 53 Establishing an ethics commission Bill is from the Secretary of State creating a campaign finance ethics commission and to establish certain powers and procedures for this commission under the chair of the Secretary of State.
SB 54 Campaign Finance Requirements Bill is from the Secretary of State's office to revise certain provisions regarding campaign finance requirements. We need to read this closely as it is a lengthy bill.
SB 58 Removing snow from certain state highways This bill deals with responsibility of removing snow from certain state highways.
HB 1027 Licensing of off road vehicles Bill allows two-wheeled off-road vehicles that meet certain requirements to be registered and licensed.
HB 1029 Update to federal motor carrier regs Bill provides for update to federal motor carrier regulations.
HB 1030 Implement certain federal requirements on vehicles Bill implements certain vehicle size and weight provisions required by federal law.
HB 1034 Fees for petitions and other documents State Board of Elections bill to establish certain fees for receiving electronic files of petitions, revising provisions for filing petitions, and revising certain provisions for elections and voting.
HB 1035 Revising procedures for petitions Bill is from state board of elections to revise and provide certain procedures for filing, certifying, and challenging petitions.