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HB 00 Legislative Preview The last week of the session was spent on getting the budget for 2015. The Appropriations Committee adopted higher revenue estimates than the Budget Office and LRC proposed so were able to give education and higher Medicaid users additional money over what the Governor proposed. The other big issue was the statewide texting ban - see HB 1177 - it took two conference committees and ended up being a secondary offense, $100 fine, and no mention of local ordinances or confiscation of phones. Veto Day is March 31 Thanks for all your help this session in contacting legislators and attending ABATE Days.
HB 1038 An Act to authorize the Department of Public Safety to build a highway patrol office and motorcycle training facility in Rapid City, This bill is of interest because it would authorize the building of a new Highway Patrol office with a motorcycle training facility in the Rapid City area. Part of this bill mentions '...other fund expenditure authority' which may mean using funds from the MSE (Motorcycle Safety Education fund). This is a fee added to all motorcycle registrations that ABATE has supported has a way to support motorcycle education and training.
This bill is being introduced by the Committee on Appropriations at the request of the Department of Public Safety and declares an emergency so that it can be started after its passage and approval. ABATE supports this bill. Bill passed House Appropriations Committee 9-0, passed House 67-2. Passed Sen. Appropriations Committee 9-0, passed Senate 34-1.
HB 1060 An Act to revise certain provisions regarding military speciality plates. Introduced by the Committee on Transportation at the request of the Department of Revenue. This bill is of interest only. It applies to specialty veteran license plates including those for motorcycles. Only cleaning up original statutes, adding some new sections and removing others.Bill has a minor amendment, passed committee, passed House 65-0, passed Senate on consent calendar, Gov signed
SB 61 Revise certain provisions regarding organization, first responder, and organ donor emblem speciality plates for motor vehicles. Introduced by the Committee on Transportation at the request of the Department of Revenue.
This is of interest only. This bill is to
revise certain provisions regarding organization, first responder, and organ donor emblem speciality plates for motor vehicles. New sections added and some removed to clean up the statute.Passed Senate 35-0.Passed House 69-0, Gov signed
HB 1016 Repeal outdated statutes in DPS This bill is a repealer of outdated and unnecessary statutes and administrative rules in Dept. of Public Safety.Passed committee, passed House 65-1, passed Senate 34-0. Gov signed
SB 13 Cell phones in a commercial vehicle This bill makes changes to comply with federal law on hand held cell phones while driving a commercial motor vehicle - updates and makes us in compliance with federal law. Passed Senate 25-9. Passed House Trans Committee, passed House 57-13.
SB 59 Increases penalty for trafficking car decals and plates This bill increases the penalty for trafficking of car license plates and decals and prohibits the unauthorized transfer of such decals or plates. It imposes a penalty for also altering or forging vehicle registration cards.Passed Senate 33-1, passed House committee, passed House 67-1.Gov signed.
SB 39 Revise certain provisions on open containers This bill revises certain procedures for taking a bottle of wine out of a restaurant - had to do this to comply with federal law and not lose federal highway dollars. Passed Senate 33-0, passed House 69-0.Gov signed.
SB 51 Revise some provisions on regulation of tobacco This bill deals with an issue of rolling your own cigarettes and forming clubs. Bill passed last year and needed some fixing. Amended and passed Senate 31-3.Passed House Committee, Bill passed 56-14. Deals with e-cigarettes and banning them for minors. Gov Signed.
HB 1079 Lighting on vehicles owned by ambulance people This bill deals with allowing ambulance people to put flashing blue lights on the personal vehicles. Bill passed House 67-0. Passed Senate Transportation Committee, passed Senate 30-2.Gov signed.
HB 1080 Driving records of emergency personnel This bill clarifies that emergency personnel driving records are not to include car accidents resulting from the performance of their official duties.Passed House 69-0. Passed Senate 33-0, signed.
HB 1100 Prohibiting photo radar & monitoring This bill prohibits use of photo radar - red light cameras- and monitoring devices. Rep. Peggy Gibson discussed this bill at the Legislative Social. Bill passed House committee 11-0 with 2 excused. ABATE supported this bill.Passed House 69-1. Failed in Senate committee, reconsidered and then was amended to remove language about monitoring, passed Senate 26-9.House concurred with the amendment.
HB 1102 & 1103 Hunting bills These bills dealing with hunting of coyotes if you are interested.
HB 1120 Financial issue for cars This bill provides for electronic copy of financial responsibility meets the requirements of this section of the law - 32-35-119. Passed House 68-0, amended in Senate Committee and then passed.Passed Senate 35-0. House concurred with the amendment.
HB 1122 Red light camera in other states This bill prohibits the collection in South Dakota of civil fines arising from speeding or red light cameras in other states.Passed House committee, passed House 69-1, passed Senate committee and deals with not letting Iowa get certain information from SD.
HB 1129 Black Hills Forest Fire Protection Area This bill prohibit the use of certain explosive targets in the Black Hills Forest Fire Protection District. Passed committee 10-3.Passed House 56-13.Passed Senate with amendment and House concurred.
HB 1159 Revise requirement for veteran designation on license plate Revises the documentation requirements for designation as a veteran on driver licenses, permits, and nondriver identification cards.Bill was amended and passed House 68-0.Passed Senate committee, passed Senate 35-0.
HB 1177 Restrict local govt's from restricting regulation Bill attempts to restrict the regulation by local governments of distracted or inattentive driving. This bill was amended to become a statewide ban on texting. It caused a stir since many cities have adopted a texting ban. It is a secondary offense. Bill passed House 53-17. Passed Senate committee 5-4 with an amendment and passed Senate. House failed to concur. It took two conference committees to decide on the texting ban - $100.00 fine, secondary offense, no mention of local ordinances or confiscation of phone. Both bodies passed the report. It basically became SB 179 and the only change was a secondary offense.House vote was 52-18 and Senate vote was 28-7.
SB 95 Revisions to car dealer licensing Bill attempts to revise certain vehicle dealer licensing provisions. Passed Senate 33-0. Passed House 69-0. Gov signed.
SB 103 Removing highway sign penalties Bill establishes certain civil penalties for tampering or removing any highway marker, sign, or control device and to distribute the revenue from such penalties. Passed Senate 31-2.Passed House Committee 12-0, passed House with amendment 64-4. Senate concurred with House amendment.Gov signed.
SB 163 Prohibits underage drinking at a host place Bill prohibit a social host from permitting the underage consumption of alcoholic beverages on the host's premises with penalties. Repeals the common nuisance provision.Was amended and passed Senate 27-7. Passed committee, passed House 61-9. Gov signed.
SB 171 Disposition of body of servicemember Bill recognizes certain federal forms as sufficient to direct the disposition of the body of a service member.Passed Senate 34-0, passed House 70-0. Gov signed.
SB 179 Texting ban and local ordinances The bill prohibits the use of handheld electronic wireless devices for texting while driving and to allow conflicting local ordinances. Was amended to be a secondary offense and not confiscating phone - passed committee and passed Senate 26-7. It will be interesting to see which bill - House or Senate - survives as they are different. Killed in House Committee.
SB 186 Revise driver license renewal The bill revises certain electronic driver license renewal requirements and to authorize electronic upgrades of restricted minor's permits.Passed Senate 34-0.Passed House 63-6.Will be signed as bill was proposed by Governor.