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2015 SD Legislation

South Dakota Legislative Session 2015
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HB 00 2015 Legislative Session update Session ended late March 13 with the adoption of a highway funding bill, budget, and debt recovery center. Education got 2% increase, some Medicaid providers 2.5% and state employees 2% increase. Revenue estimates were down. Veto Day is March 30.
SB 1 Highway,bridge funding bill Bill increases excise tax from 3 to 4%, increasing vehicle registration fees about 20%, 6 cents increase in gas tax taking affect in April, wheel tax of $5.00 per wheel up to 12 wheels, and property tax increase in counties based on 3 tiers of the amount of assessed valuation. Bill also includes an 80 miles per hour speed limit on the interstate. Raises about $85 million for highway improvements and bridge repair. Creates a bridge fund grant program and gives money to counties and the state for repairs. Assigned to Senate State Affairs and the Governor's bill was hoghoused onto the bill with some minor amendments. Passed the committee and passed the Senate 26-8 and House amended the bill, Senate didn't concur so bill went to a conference committee. Then it passed House 55-11 and the Senate 25-9.
SB 16 Safeguarding law enforcement radio communications Makes it a Class I misdemeanor if one possesses a radio communication device during the commission of a felony. Passed Senate on consent calendar. Passed House committee 13-0, passed House 67-2. Gov signed.
SB 22 Revises penalty for altering a registration device issued by a dealer Revises the penalty for altering of a registration device installed by a dealer. Passed committee, passed Senate on consent calendar. Passed House 68-0.Gov signed.
SB 32,33,34 Veterans benefits All three bills deal with benefits for veterans. SB 32 passed Senate and House and was signed, SB 33 passed Senate, passed House committee 13-0 and was signed. SB 34 passed Senate and passed House 65-2 and was signed.
SB 40, 41 Federal motor carrier and commercial licensing Makes some changes to the federal motor carrier regulations and commercial licensing.SB 40 passed committee and Senate on consent calendar and passed House on consent, Gov signed. SB 41 passed Senate 30-4 and passed House committee 9-1, passed House 62-5. Gov signed.
HB 1030 Restrictions on passing a bicycle Requires 3 feet to pass a bicycle and establishes a penalty of Class 2 misdemeanor. Amended and still in committee. They are working on amendments and bill will be heard again this week. Bill was amended and passed committee 11-0.Bill passed House 53-16.Passed Senate committee 7-0, passed Senate 27-7. Gov signed
HB 1035 Military specialty plate revisions Adds a warrant officer and allows symbols to include a retired military person. Passed committee and House 66-0 and passed Senate 31-0. Gov signed.
HB 1041 Increases fees for driver and commercial licenses Increases the fees for driver license from $20 to $28 and $ 5.00 goes to the Highway Patrol fund. Increases the fees for commercial license from $25 to $33. Increased fees goes to funding the license program costs. Passed House Approp Committee 8-0. Passed House 57-12.Passed Senate Appropriations 8-0, passed Senate 25-8 and Gov signed.
HB 1020 Mailing fees for non-commercial plates and decals Allows fees to be charges for non-commercial vehicle plates and decals for person requesting mailing. Bill was amended to be actual cost of mailing. Then passed the committee 13-0, passed House 66-1.Passed Senate committee 5-1 but bill failed on Senate floor 16-17.
SB 17 Revise definition of cars that are subject to lemon law This bill changes the definition of motor vehicle. Statute does not apply to motor home or motor vehicle having a gross vehicle weight rating of fifteen thousand pounds or more. Prior weight was 10 thousand.Passed Senate on consent calendar. Passed House committee 12-0,passed House 69-0. Gov signed.
SB 38 Revises the state communication systems Bill states that the Department of Public Safety shall operate and maintain the South Dakota law enforcement telecommunication system.Passed Senate on consent calendar. Passed House 65-1.Gov signed.
SB 57 Authorizes/regulates the playing of games in Deadwood This bill authorizes and regulates the playing of craps, roulette, and keno within the city limits of Deadwood. This is a result of the election this fall.Passed committee and passed Senate 27-7. Passed House 46-22. Gov signed.
SB 73 Juvenile Justice Initiative Reform This bill is a Governor's Bill and supported by the Chief Justice and various stakeholder groups. It is designed to give judges more alternatives to deal with low risk juveniles who commit minor crimes and keep them in their communities in community based alternative treatment programs. This is the result of a workgroup this summer and hopefully will reduce the number of juveniles committed to the Dept. of Corrections. Bill passed the Senate 35-0 and bill passed House State Affairs Committee 11-0, passed House 60-7. Gov signed.
SB 80 Selling price of a towed vehicle Bill increases the selling price of a towed vehicle that exempts the seller of the vehicle from certain vehicle dealer licensing requirements. Bill passed Senate 34-0.Passed the House 65-1.Gov signed.
SB 85 Repeal of handlebar height regulation This is the ABATE bill that is a repealer of the handlebar statute. Support this bill and call your legislators to support. Bill passed Committee 6-0 and passed Senate 34-0. Passed House Trans Committee unanimously and passed House on consent calendar. Gov signed.
HB 1082 Issue citation without a notary Bill allows a law enforcement officer to issue a citation without a notary. Bill was amended and passed committee 13-0.Passed House and passed Senate committee 7-0. Senate passed 33-0.Gov signed.
SB 81 Persons with DUI to pay certain costs Persons convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicants to pay fine of $50 to clerk of courts in addition to other penalties. Passed Senate 30-3.Bill passed House Local Govt Committee 12-0 and passed House 54-13.Gov signed.
SB 93 Tax on motorcycle rentals This bill imposes a gross receipts tax on the rental of certain motorcycles in lieu of the excise tax on motor vehicles. ABATE has endorsed support of this bill. Bill came through committee and passed Senate 34-0. Bill passed committee 13-1 and passed House 64-3.Gov signed.
SB 94 License fee for electric motorcycles Bill establishes a license fee of $14.50 for electric motorcycles.Passed committee and passed Senate 34-0.Bill passed House committee 10-0 and passed House 63-4, Gov signed.
SB 107 Learner's permit changes Bill increases the period an instructor permit is valid and revises the requirement to upgrade to an operator's license or restricted minor's permit. Passed Senate on consent calendar. Passed House 66-0. Gov signed.
SB 108 DUI Revises certain provisions related to aggravated DUI's. Increases the time period to within the last 10 years if you have had 2 convictions. Passed committee and passed Senate 32-1.Passed House committee 12-0 and passed House 69-0, Gov signed.
SB 128 Military Plates Revises certain provisions concerning the general requirements that vehicle owners must satisfy before applying for military plates. Adds non-driver identification card as a valid requirement. Passed committee with amendment.Passed Senate 32-1. Passed House committee 11-0 and passed House 67-0. Gov signed.
HB 1121 Speed zones on township roads This bill allows townships to establish speed zones under its jurisdiction. Speeds must be posted at beginning and ending of speed zones. Penalty established. Passed House 61-0. Passed Senate 34-0. Gov signed.
HB 1122 Township roads as no maintenance roads Townships may establish a road as a no maintenance road. Passed committee, was amended and passed House 61-6. Passed Senate 32-0 with amendment and House concurred.Gov signed.
HB 1124 Authorize cars to exceed posted speed limits Bill allows increase in speed limit to 8 miles an hour over limit when passing a car under certain circumstances. Bill was amended to 10 miles an hour in committee and then passed the committee. Passed House 66-1.Passed Sen. Trans Committee 7-0 and passed Senate 34-0. Gov signed.
HB 1131 Highway Funding for highway/bridge improvements Governor's bill to revise taxes and fees to fund improvements to public roads and bridges. Bill raises about $50 million in fuel taxes, license fees, etc. Establishes a grant fund for bridges. Minor amendments were put on the bill, much discussion occurred and then the bill was killed 13-0 so now we are dealing with only SB 1. SB 1 is also a variation of the Governor's bill. Negotiations are now occurring between the House and the Senate leaders.
HB 1134 Revises provisions concerning expungement Bill revises certain provisions concerning the expungement of arrest records. Eliminates the requirement of consent of prosecuting attorney. Passed House 64-2. Bill passed Senate Judiciary Committee 5-2 and was amended on the Senate floor to require one year and the defendant must prove by clear and convincing evidence. Amendment was agreed to by both sides and passed Senate 33-1 and House concurred. Gov signed.
HB 1096,1108,1116 Gun Bills There are a number of gun bills and I am going to list the numbers if you are interested: HB 1096,1108,1116,1183,1206,1215 and SB 162 and SB 192. Most of the gun bills have been killed as they had major problems.
HB 1225 Prohibit unauthorized commercial us of personal right Bill prohibits the unauthorized commercial use of a personality's right of publicity and provides civil remedy. Bill was amended and passed committee 12-0. Bill passed House 66-2 and and passed Senate committee 4-3. Passed Senate 29-6.